Using a combination of psychotherapy and medication management, Dr. Krasnova focuses on improving the quality of life for her patients. She gives people the tools to manage stress, dysfunction, and mental health issues with an emphasis on total physical and mental wellness.

From her private practice in Redondo Beach, CA, Dr. Krasnova’s ‘Positive Psychiatry’ style helps people to overcome lows, depression and dependencies; through self-efficacy, wellbeing, resilience and optimism. She ultimately gives them the tools to make lifelong transitions.

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The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to meet Dr. Krasnova in an informal, comfortable setting. Upon that time, you can decide if it will be beneficial to engage with her services and seek the recommended treatment, or she can refer you to someone who is a better fit for you.

If you have been in psychiatric care in the past, it would be helpful to provide records. Prior to your visit, please DOWNLOAD THE FORMS here and fill them out in advance. You can either mail or fax them to Dr. Krasnova at: 323-908-4037.

CALL 310-961-4896 TO BOOK A CONSULTATION, or send an email directly to Dr. Margarita Krasnova.